“Army of Darkness” and “Oz the Great and Powerful” are Similar Movies

Army Of DarknessOz the Great and Powerful is the remake of the movie Army of Darkness – this secret is revealed recently. Well, this is not exactly the case – Oz is not actually a remake of this third Evil Dead films rather there are only certain striking similarities in between these two movies. The two movies matches to such an extent that you can compare both of them by keeping them side by side. Sam Raimi recently confessed this in a meet.

Let’s craft a comparison between these two movies by keeping them side by side.

In what ways Oz and Army of Darkness are similar?

  • Protagonist

Both these films feature protagonists – arrogant, selfish blowhards. Oscar Diggs plays the role of protagonist in Oz and Ashley J. Williams has the same character in Army. Oscar is a little craftier as compared to Ash but otherwise, they are pretty similar to one another. Moreover, both the characters are portrayed as incredible womanizers who can easily win the hearts of the ladies by whispering something into their ears.

  • The Mission

In Army, Ash is assured to get the thing which he desires the most – ‘getting back to his own time’ – so long as he continues to travel across the terrible dark forest and in the restricted cemetery region. He required to utter three words during his travel but unfortunately, he is unable to remember each and every syllable and hence awakens the army of darkness.

In Oz, Oscar is also showcased with the same assurance – he also gets what he desires the most. Here he wished to get sufficient amount of gold for making Scrooge McDuck jealous. With this mission in mind he starts his journey across a terrible and dark forest and also in the restricted cemetery zone.

The mission is pretty similar in both the movies. Don’t you feel the same?

  • Evil Army

Both the films characterize gigantic evil armies which terrorize the heroes of the movies.

In Army, you will find the evil armies composed of Deadites, that is, the demons having human corpses or humans. They are stop-motion skeletons who can scare the audience.

In Oz, you will find two such armies – the flying baboon army and Winkie army. The baboon army is the actual threat of the movie. This army is more violent and vivacious in comparison to the flying monkeys of The Wizard of Oz.

These are the basic plots where you can definitely find the similarity between the two movies. There are other aspects like cinematic battle, wicked witch and so on. Having talked about the parallels, the director Sam Raimi said that he tried to make Oz distinct from Army.

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