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A Captivating Conclusion to The System of Light Trilogy

A Captivating Conclusion to The System of Light Trilogy

Phillipa Gerson



Stronghold of Light

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Phillipa Wade’s Stronghold of Light, the final installment in The System of Light trilogy, continues to enchant science fiction aficionados with its masterful blend of adventure, romance, and warfare. This series, meticulously crafted over three Earth years, brings to a close the epic saga of the Protagonists and their relentless battle against the militant Kashada forces in a distant galaxy.

In Stronghold of Light, Wade skillfully interweaves the narratives from the first two books, The Linking Moons and The Stones of Torain. Readers are transported to a universe where the people of The System of Light confront the Kashada forces’ insidious ambitions. The novel explores the deep history of the System of Light, unraveling the enigmatic power recorded in the Stones of Torain and revealing the origins of the ‘Silver Screen’. This culmination is both dramatic and satisfying, exposing the hidden motives driving the Kashada’s quest for power.

Wade’s storytelling is distinguished by its focus on the courage and integrity of the System of Light’s inhabitants. As they face the Kashada’s greed and desperation, the Protagonists’ resilience and unity are powerfully portrayed. Each chapter begins with a poetic verse, adding a philosophical and dramatic depth that enriches the narrative.

Born in South Africa and now a resident of Los Angeles, Phillipa Wade’s passion for science fiction, space, and the natural world shines through in her work. Influenced by her father, Llawrye Wade, Phillipa’s writing and love for poetry are deeply ingrained. Her extensive experience in developing training materials in South Africa has honed her ability to create detailed, immersive worlds, making her books a joy to read.

The System of Light Trilogy:

The Linking Moons

The Stones of Torain

Stronghold of Light

The inception of The System of Light trilogy stemmed from a vivid dream, which evolved into a rich, expansive narrative. Science fiction and fantasy provided the perfect canvas for Wade’s imagination, allowing her to explore complex themes and vibrant worlds. Her storytelling is so visually descriptive that it lends itself well to potential adaptations into movies or series, a testament to her talent for world-building.

At its core, Stronghold of Light is a testament to loyalty, resilience, and the strength required to protect one’s home from external threats. It emphasizes the importance of understanding history and the courage needed to navigate the universe’s challenges.

Phillipa Wade’s Stronghold of Light remains a standout conclusion to an unforgettable trilogy, inviting readers to immerse themselves in a universe where the enduring battle between light and darkness plays out with both intensity and nuance.

For more information about Phillipa Wade and her works, please visit www.phillipawade.com.

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