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A natural alternative to antibiotics for birds and chickens

For healthy birds and chickens

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Vivace Energy Boost: for direct energy

Vivace Energy Boost: for direct energy

To effectively solve or prevent health problems, there are 6 liquid water-soluble nutritional supplements to support most of the vital functions.

The search for natural probiotic products as an alternative to antibiotic products started 35 years ago. The foundation was laid in the professional poultry sector.”

— Pierre Heesakkers

BEEK EN DONK, NOORD BRABANT, NETHERLANDS, December 15, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Birds and chickens make great pets, but are also susceptible to all kinds of diseases and conditions. Many antibiotic products are offered on the market, but European legislation means that antibiotics to cure diseases and conditions are increasingly not allowed to be sold in shops. Frequent use of antibiotics also leads to bacterial resistance, which requires increasingly stronger agents. The search for natural probiotic products as an alternative to antibiotic products started 35 years ago. The foundation was laid in the professional poultry sector. Through constant innovation, monitoring and collaboration in more than 60 countries worldwide, we can now guarantee consistent quality of liquid nutritional supplements.

Soluble in water

Our liquid nutritional supplements are completely soluble in water. The first challenge here is to bring all the ingredients together into an even and consistent mixture. Making the end product well soluble in water is the second step. Simple use and measured dosage are important for both professional users and private animal owners. Due to the long shelf life, the liquid food additives retain a long-lasting effect, even when the packaging is opened. Supplements are therefore an indispensable part of the daily care of birds and chickens. The best way to administer supplements is through drinking water. There are two reasons for this: firstly, birds and chickens always continue to drink, even if their appetite is reduced. A second reason is that the ingredients are absorbed much better through drinking water than through solid food.


Preventing diseases and conditions is better and cheaper than healing. The use of one product often leads to the use of multiple products with the same type of properties. The range is therefore frequently checked for quality and possible innovations are applied. Due to the registration of additives for food-producing animals and non-food-producing animals, the conditions of the NVWA and FAVV must be fully met. The products contain a balanced ratio of vitamins, minerals and acids, so we cannot completely avoid the use of recyclable plastic bottles, but this is also being diligently sought. Consumers are increasingly looking for natural or probiotic products that are 100% safe for humans and animals so that eggs can also be consumed without any problems. Furthermore, consumers in particular are increasingly looking for products that contribute to the welfare of animals. Avoiding the presence of biocides is a prerequisite and additives must be 100% safe for humans and animals.

Support for the vital functions of birds and chickens

Long-term search, supplemented with a down-to-earth view of the functioning of birds and chickens, has led to a focus on the actual problems that occur. These can be traced back to six problem cases that can be prevented or combated by the correct administration of appropriate supplements, either preventively or curatively. In addition to main food and supplementary food, supplements are an important part of the diet for your birds and chickens. Vitamins and minerals ensure that the entire condition of the bird improves, such as: feathering, breathing, development, growth, bone strength, resistance, fertility and digestion. The nutritional supplements offer solutions for problems that manifest themselves within these vital functions in the form of blood lice, flatulence, bloating, diarrhea and respiratory problems.

This results in a series of supplements that can be divided into:

Con Brio: A natural product that supports freer breathing based on two essential oils: eucalyptus and peppermint in combination with the organic substance from the peppermint plant menthol.

Vivace Energy Boost: An energy boost with extra nutrients. A product based on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose, organic acids and medicinal plant extracts. It supports the immune system and immediately provides extra energy.

• Mezzoforte: A balanced vitamin preparation containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose and organic acids. This composition supports the immune system and ensures the supplementation of essential building materials and an optimal nutritional balance.

• Gustoso: An acid mixture based on a synergistic combination of buffered organic acids such as formic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid and sorbic acid. It also contains trace elements copper and zinc. It supports intestinal function, ensures better digestion and has an antibacterial effect.

• Calcium Boost: A special mix for strong bones and firm eggshell. The specific recipe consists of the ingredients calcium, phosphorus, choline chloride and organic acids.

Anti Red Mite Drinkmix: Finally, a plant extract supplemented with vitamin C. It stimulates the immune system of birds and chickens and ensures that the animals are less sensitive to stress. In the next paragraph you can read more details about this special application.

The red mite

Well-known and feared by bird and chicken lovers: the red mite, also known as the bird mite. The red mite is currently one of the most harmful parasites. This small animal has a major effect on the well-being of birds and chickens and plays an important role in the possible transmission of harmful pathogens. To develop into an adult red mite, the red mite needs several blood meals. Birds and chickens are an ideal source for red mites, which leads to weakened and irritated birds and chickens. Good control is therefore crucial. However, many pesticides are under fire due to possible resistance and danger to human and animal health. The plant extract supplemented with vitamin C is a good natural alternative that is added to the drinking water of birds and chickens. The combination of the herbs provides an immune modulating, antioxidant and antimicrobial effect and promotes wound healing. Due to the immune modulating effect, the bird ultimately develops an immune response in which a natural protein is produced that is not digestible by the red mite. The red mite dies, causing the red mite population to decrease. In addition, Vitamin C leads to a reduction of the hormone corticosterone, also known as the stress hormone.

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