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A Trip To Jacksonville Florida’s African American Museums

Amara Embarks on a Journey Filled with Adventure and Exploration

UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — About Amara’s Adventures

“Amara’s Adventures: A Trip to the African American Museums in Jacksonville, Florida” is inspired by the award-winning film “African Diasporans Hidden Kulture.” In this book, Amara, an eleven-year-old girl brimming with bravery and curiosity, invites readers to join her on an extraordinary journey. “Amara’s Adventures” aims to ignite the spirit of discovery and curiosity in young readers.

African Diasporans Hidden Kulture film has been screened in various Florida communities, including Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando, Lake City, and Gainesville, as well marketed internationally in Cannes, France. Additionally, it received the Best Foreign Documentary award at the Inside Nollywood International Film Festival and Awards in Abuja, Nigeria, and was showcased at The African Film Festival in Dallas, Texas. We will be donating 10% of the book’s sales to an environmental organization dedicated to tree-planting initiatives.

Amara, with her unwavering curiosity, intelligence, and positivity, leads the way through an extraordinary journey of exploration and learning. As she sets out to discover the rich history and heritage preserved within the African American museums of Jacksonville, Florida, readers are transported into a world where knowledge and discovery go hand in hand.

This book is perfect for bedtime stories or quiet afternoons. “Amara’s Adventures: A Trip To Jacksonville, Florida’s African American Museums” is destined to become a cherished favorite among children and parents alike. With its engaging narrative and captivating illustrations, this book promises to foster creativity, learning, and ignite a love for reading in young minds.

Amara will make wonderful discoveries and attain hidden knowledge through her quest as she explores the hidden treasures within Jacksonville Florida’s African American Museums. This isn’t just a story; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empathy, and understanding. As Amara uncovers the rich African American cultural heritage, she inspires young readers to embrace curiosity, celebrate diversity, and cherish the power of knowledge.

“Amara’s Adventures: A Trip to Jacksonville, Florida’s African American Museums” is now available in paperback. For more information or to purchase the book, please visit www.dwhispersbooks.com or contact [email protected]

About the Author:

Nola D. Oracle is a retired veteran with a distinguished service record. Additionally, she’s an accomplished cultural filmmaker and esteemed author. Nola D. pursued academic interests in Theater, Acting, Scriptwriting, and Africana Studies, which ultimately fueled her passion for storytelling and children’s literacy. Through her work, she skillfully weaves together elements of adventure, history, and culture, creating a unique and captivating experience for young readers. Her book “Amara’s Adventures: A Trip To Jacksonville, Florida’s African American Museums” is a testament to her dedication to fostering compassion, literacy, and appreciation for both storytelling and cultural heritage within its pages.

Through Amara’s journey, Nola D Oracle demonstrates her dedication to instilling the values of learning, curiosity, imagination, and social responsibility in young minds. “Amara’s Adventures” stands as a testament to Nola D’s belief that learning should be exciting, enriching, and above all, accessible to all young children.

About the Publisher:

Nola D Oracle is the founder and CEO of Diaspora Whispers Books Publishing Company. Our company is committed to sharing unique narratives that transcend borders and cultures, enriching lives through the power of storytelling. Our mission is to cultivate love, compassion, empathy, and cultural appreciation while advocating for literacy, education, and social responsibility. We strongly believe in the infinite power of stories. With a dedication to creativity and storytelling excellence, Dwhispers Books aims to inspire a lifelong passion for reading in readers of all ages, positively impacting individuals and communities worldwide.

Nola D Oracle
Diaspora Whispers Books Publishing LLC
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