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Aaron Sarfati of Contempo Suits Embraces the Return of Double-Breasted Suits

Double breasted suit

The Double Breasted Suit has found itself back in style, prompting retailers like Contempo Suits to adapt to the changing landscape of men’s fashion.

BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT, US, January 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the ever-evolving world of fashion, trends have a way of cycling back into the spotlight, and one such classic style making a remarkable comeback is the double-breasted suit. This timeless and sophisticated design has found itself back in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts, prompting retailers like Contempo Suits to adapt to the changing landscape of men’s fashion. In this article, we will explore how Aaron Sarfati of Contempo Suits, a renowned brand in the men’s fashion industry, has adjusted his inventory to meet the rising demand for double-breasted suits.

The Double-Breasted Resurgence:

Once considered a staple of men’s formalwear in the mid-20th century, the double-breasted suit fell out of favor as fashion trends shifted towards a more casual and streamlined aesthetic. It has returned during previous decades as a fashion item only to wain after a few years. However, recent years have witnessed a resurgence of interest in classic and elegant styles, with the double-breasted suit at the forefront of this revival.

Contempo Suits, a brand known for its commitment to offering contemporary and stylish options for men, recognized the changing tides in the fashion industry. This prompted a strategic shift in their inventory to accommodate the growing demand for double-breasted suits.

Adjusting the Inventory:

To stay ahead in the competitive fashion landscape, Contempo Suits under the guide of Aaron Sarfati, swiftly adapted its inventory to cater to the renewed interest in double-breasted suits. The brand, known for its keen sense of style and commitment to quality, embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

Other notable brands in the industry, such as Statement and Vinci, also found themselves in a similar position. The sudden surge in demand for double-breasted suits prompted these brands to increase the number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in their inventory. The move was a testament to the industry’s recognition of the importance of adapting to changing consumer preferences.

Aaron Sarfati’s Emphasis on Double-Breasted Suits:

At the helm of Contempo Suits is Aaron Sarfati, the CEO who has proven to be an astute leader in the ever-changing world of fashion. Sarfati understood the significance of the double-breasted trend and placed a strong emphasis on stocking an extensive range of double-breasted suits within the Contempo Suits collection. Aaron Sarfati says “Being in the suit fashion business for over 35 years has made me extremely keen on when a fashion trend begins and how to act on it immediately. I know that it is very important to strike when the iron is hot and when to jump ship when the trend starts to show weakness. The double breasted look gave me the exact signal to get it in our product mix.”

In an industry where staying relevant is crucial, Sarfati’s strategic decision to prioritize double-breasted suits showcased his ability to navigate the evolving tastes of consumers. By doing so, Contempo Suits not only met the rising demand but also positioned itself as a go-to destination for those seeking classic yet contemporary menswear.


As fashion trends continue to evolve, successful brands understand the importance of adapting to changing consumer preferences. Contempo Suits, under the leadership of Aaron Sarfati, exemplifies this adaptability by embracing the resurgence of double-breasted suits. The brand’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and meeting the demands of its discerning clientele ensures that Contempo Suits remains a relevant and influential player in the world of men’s fashion.

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