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Action-Packed Story Filled With Hope and Fun, “Rusty and Emma’s Big Shock!” Is a Must Read for All Ages

Action-Packed Story Filled With Hope and Fun, “Rusty and Emma’s Big Shock!” Is a Must Read for All Ages

Rusty and Emma’s Big Shock!

Author Annie Wilde

Author Annie Wilde

Illustrator Beebe Hargrove

Illustrator Beebe Hargrove

A beautifully magical story for all readers. Sure to be cherished. Emma and Rusty’s tale will captivate audiences from the first page.”

— Jennifer Gillman, owner of The Book Exchange, Marietta, Georgia

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Rusty And Emma’s Big Shock!” Is a magnetic and colorful book that children and parents or guardians will enjoy reading together. It is the first book in the “Emma Puff’s Secrets Series” by Annie Wilde and illustrated by Beebe Hargrove, launching October 3rd.

Readers of all ages will laugh out loud at the antics of Emma and Rusty, as they are transported to a world where age is just a number. Mr. Musk is the hilarious but naughty parrot who knows all their secrets. When he accidentally creates a mysterious elixir, the magic begins to happen. Old Emma and Rusty become young again and chaos ensues. The duo gets a second chance to appreciate the joys of childhood, and the importance of friendship and family while holding on to their old souls. The story and illustrations are designed for, but not limited to, young readers, family members, guardians, and teachers, who enjoy sharing stories that encourage children to love reading and to value people of all ages. All are sure to be delighted by the unexpected twists and turns this cast of characters experiences throughout the book.

Emma was born from the imaginative bedtime stories that the author created for her children to whom this book is dedicated. The words of Ms. Wilde are beautifully complemented by the illustrations of Beebe Hargrove. Together they weave a fun, action-packed story filled with hope and second chances.

What Others Are Saying

“’Rusty and Emma Puff’s Big Shock!’ was an absolute joy to read. One of those rarities in children’s literature where, as an adult, you’re thinking you’ll read to the end of the chapter, and then suddenly you’ve read another three without noticing. The tale is told by Rusty, the dog, and through his narration the enchanting characters of Emma, Rusty, Mr. Musk and everyone else come to life as their adventures are weaved through the book. Annie Wilde makes Emma Puff heart-warming, whimsical and oh-so funny all at the same time. The antics of Emma, Rusty and the gang are naughty enough to make children (of all ages) laugh out loud. When I read it, the only thing I wanted to change was that my son was still a child, so I could read it to him. In fact, make that two things, I’d have the next book ready for us to read now. Hurry up, Annie Wilde!” —Charlie Tilly, BBC Television

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Juvenile Fiction: Fantasy & Magic, Family/Orphans & Foster Homes, Action & Adventure, Holidays/Christmas.

Paperback ISBN: 9781950495412

Price: $19.99 US

FLEPUB ISBN: 9781950495429

Price: $5.99 US

About Annie Wilde

Annie Wilde was born in London, England. As a young girl, she relocated with her family to the wilds of the Suffolk countryside. At just sweet sixteen, she moved back to the big city to train as a hairdresser. It was the Swinging Sixties, and she was slap bang in the middle of all the excitement. Since then, Annie’s life has been full of twists and turns, back roads, main roads, highways and junctions…all eventually leading to retirement on the Italian island of Sicily.

Upon sorting through a lifetime of memorabilia stored in her garage, she stumbled upon a box of drawings that were from a time of bedtime storytelling with her children and grandchildren. So, with time on her hands, she decided to develop some of the characters and create her first book!

Her plan did not include becoming an author at the age of 73, but since embarking on this new journey, she has re-discovered her vivid imagination and is full of excitement about bringing the adventures of Emma Puff and all the other characters to life. She hopes that children and adults alike can connect with the stories and bond with the characters that prove age is just a number and inside we are all still young at heart.

About Beebe Hargrove

Beebe Hargrove grew up in the middle of a spinach field in King City, California. Surrounded by a lot of pets, gusty winds, some decent books, and parents who let her paint on her bedroom walls, she decided to study Illustration at Cal State Fullerton. Her professional work features a variety of projects and styles. She has designed t-shirts, architectural illustrations, and several seasons of fine and fashion jewelry. She is proud of a series of murals she created collaboratively with her hometown and the non-profit King City In Bloom. Placed throughout the city on local businesses they tell the story of the town’s inception and the people who planted its seeds. There is nothing better than standing on a high scaffold, with a view of open farmland, drenched in sunshine, the wind whipping through your hair and doing its best to upend your paint pan. The supportive community and local creatives were a joy to work with Beebe has always loved fantastic stories and working on “Emma Puff” has been a dream and the greatest privilege. Author Annie Wilde’s sense of big color, mess and fun has been a perfect fit for Beebe’s love of strong lines and splashing paint. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family and two precocious cats, surrounded now by extremely tall trees instead of spinach and even larger piles of books.

About Lucid House Publishing

Lucid House Publishing is an award-winning independent book publisher that was created for authors, by authors and is headquartered in Marietta, Georgia. The founders, Echo Montgomery Garrett and son Connor Judson Garrett, build long-term relationships with authors and publish books in a wide variety of genres, in both fiction and nonfiction. As a writer-centric publishing house, they invest their efforts in great stories and the strong, diverse voices behind them.

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