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Alina Obermann-Smith Honored as CISO of the Year 2024 for Revolutionary Project in Information Security

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an inspiring display of innovation and leadership in the field of information security, Alina Obermann-Smith was awarded the prestigious CISO of the Year 2024 at the recent SEC-IT (by Heise) conference. This accolade was bestowed upon Alina for her pioneering project in the “Change of Times in Information Security” category, which has set a new benchmark for excellence and innovation within the industry.

The award-winning project, developed in collaboration with Rescana, introduces VEGA – its latest AI-based innovative platform. This groundbreaking initiative promises to redefine standards in information security, marking a significant leap forward in cybersecurity practitioners’ daily work and shifting the balance back in their favor, enabling them and their teams to do more with their existing resources. The collaboration between Alina and Rescana underscores the power of partnership in driving technological advancements and innovation.

Alina extends her heartfelt gratitude to Ran Tenenbaum (Chief Information Security Officer at Aroundtown), whose mentorship was instrumental in the project’s success and her personal growth as a leader in the field. “Thank you, Ran Tenenbaum, for being a phenomenal mentor along the way,” said Alina.

The CISO Alliance, renowned for its commitment to fostering the development of CISO skills through various initiatives, including working groups, community roundtables, and webinars, organized this year’s CISO of the Year competition. The ceremony honored an esteemed jury, including Ron Kneffel, Sven Mendler, and Ralf Kleinfeld, for contributing to IT security and data privacy across leading organizations.

Alina’s achievement is a testament to her exceptional skills and dedication and a tribute to the collaborative spirit and innovative culture of the Aroundtown group. “I am grateful to be part of such a fantastic team. This achievement reflects our collective passion and commitment to setting new standards for innovation in information security,” Alina remarked.

As the CISO of the Year 2024, Alina is poised to continue leading the way in the ever-evolving information security landscape. Her collaboration with Rescana exemplifies the impact of innovative thinking and collaboration in addressing the complex challenges of today’s digital world.

For more information about the CISO Alliance and the CISO Award, please visit the CISO Alliance Website.

About Rescana
Rescana is a dynamic and innovative company at the forefront of cyber risk management. Our vision is to shift the balance in cybersecurity, tipping the scales in favor of defenders over attackers and accelerating the business processes crucial for risk assessment. Vega, our AI flagship product, represents the next generation in attack surface management and third-party risk, designed to conform to the unique policies of various organizations. Founded in 2017, we have quickly established ourselves, working with leading Israeli and international organizations and forming partnerships with major cybersecurity and technology players like Trend-Micro.

Oren Askarov
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

SOURCE Rescana

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