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Danny DeGennaro Memorial Foundation releases “Seasons” by King Fish Band members Steve Shive and Michael O’Neill

Paul Baroli Jr / Steve Shive / Michael O’Neill / Danny Galvano

King Fish Band Perform Live at the Union Hall NJ

Danny Galvano / Paul Baroli Jr / Michael O’Neill King Fish Band Live

Touring NYC with King Fish Band

Dave Torbet / Dan “RIO” DeGennaro / Michael O’Neill ( Rolling Stone Magazine )

Kingfish reunion of Steve Shive and Michael O’Neill to honor Danny “RIO” Degennaro with
Paul Baroli Jr & Danny Galvano of Steal Your Face Band

King Fish Band musicians continue to prove the worth in the universe of Grateful Dead Head Legends.”

— Edward Mero DDF JAM Records

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Danny “RIO” DeGennaro toured and recorded with the Kingfish Band in the 70s thru the 80s working with Mathew Kelly and Dave Tolbert founding members.

Bob Weir another founding member collaborated on various projects with Kingfish members. This is common when legends of the music business create side projects to enhance their careers.

Rio actually carried the vocals on popular song “Sundown at the Forest” the title track.

The various musical lineups on “Sundown on the Forest” included past and present members of Kingfish, such as Matthew Kelly, Steve Kimock, Barry Sless, Barry Flast, Danny “Rio” DeGennaro, Fred Campbell, Mookie Siegel, Robbie Hoddinott, Jimmy Sanchez, and Ana Rizzo.

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, another former member of Kingfish, appears on several songs, and sings lead vocals on “Padlock Cufflinks”, as well as a duet with Barry Flast on “Starship Ride”. Jerry Garcia plays guitar on “Ridin’ High”, a track created by combining a recording session from 1973 with newly recorded parts. “Sundown on the Forest” is a great album if you can find it.

The lineup of the band continued to change, with Kelly and Torbert remaining at the core. Then, in 1979 Torbert and Kelly parted ways and Torbert formed a new lineup with Danny “Rio” DeGennaro and Michael O’Neill on guitars and sharing lead vocals. Also part of that lineup were Steve Shive (drums) and Ralph Liberto (keyboards, saxophone). The Kingfish Band toured with the new line up thru Canada / New York City and California. Recording music along the way.

Several original songs and covers where recorded and released in 2022 for a 10 song album to accompany the announcement of book written by John Farmer Jr “Way To Fast ” which is available on Amazon about the life of Rio and the turbulent times in the music business. In the book Farmer Chronologically tells the stories of Rios Life and the encounters bands face on the road. Farmer interviewed over 100 people many bandmates with the hard knocks stories of touring on the road.

The latest line up with collaboration by Paul Baroli Jr & Danny Galvano of Steal Your Face Band along with Steve Shive and Michael O’Neil is a fine tribute of “King Fish in 2022” of ten songs recorded and produced by legendary producer John Austin Mulhern which is now available on all streaming platforms. John is best known for collaborating with infamous recording engineers including Joe Tarsia formerly from Sigma Sound Studios. This offering a fitting tribute to Kingfish and Danny “Rio” DeGennaro. Several of the new members are long time bandmates of RIO.

Several videos and recordings have been created to carry on the legacy of King Fish Band. Be sure and check out “Jump For Joy” a King Fish favorite

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Seasons written by Danny “RIO” DeGennaro recorded and released at the SoundPlex NJ feat : Steve Shive drums & Michael O’Neill guitar

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