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Digital Evolution Institute Puts the Spotlight on Extraordinary Companies that Use AI to Change Our World for the Better

Digital Evolution Institute Puts the Spotlight on Extraordinary Companies that Use AI to Change Our World for the Better

Sharing some wonderful time at the Points of Light in Miami, Dec 2023

Jennifer Jacobs delivering a keynote on Connect Our Kids

Consuelo Vanderbilt delivering a keynote on the Future of Philanthropy

Digital Evolution Institute is a global think tank at the intersection of technology, investment, entrepreneurship and creative endeavors

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Digital Evolution Institute welcomed forward-thinking nonprofits, impact investors, technologists, family offices, entrepreneurs, athletes and creatives to the AI Center of Miami Dade college as a prelude to Art Week Miami. This was a first of its kind gathering of the minds to focus on how AI can help nonprofits and philanthropies.

“Digital evolution has come to philanthropy,” says Julia Valentine, co-founder of the Digital Evolution Institute, “and it is improving both transparency and economics of the nonprofit sector. This important engine of humanity is being transformed.” “We are grateful to all distinguished speakers for educating, inspiring and uplifting us,” added Board Member Brinkley Skye. Poonacha Machaiah, CEO of the Chopra Foundation, said, “I look forward to collaborating with the Institute to support their initiative on how philanthropies and nonprofits can leverage AI for a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier and joyful world.”

“We are happy to bring the Institute to Miami,” said Tracy McWilliams, co-founder of the Digital Evolution Institute, “since Miami is thriving and so many of our members spend at least a part of the year here.” Miami also plays an important role for the Institute because of its strong partnership with the phenomenal Venture Miami. “The Digital Evolution Institute Points of Light at the Miami Dade College AI Center was profoundly impactful, offering insights into best practices for leveraging AI in philanthropy. These lessons will be instrumental in enhancing the Venture Miami Scholarship Fund, dedicated to supporting STEM students from the City of Miami with their college tuition. The occasion facilitated valuable connections with influential figures in venture capital, philanthropy, and founders, all of whom are making extraordinary impact in their respective fields. I look forward to collaborating with Digital Evolution Institute to elevate the investment, economic development, and entrepreneurship happening in Miami’s tech ecosystem,” said Nicola Demko, Head of Business Development & Recruitment at Venture Miami.

Some of the cutting-edge technologies that were discussed during the event included Connect Our Kids, Wishes, and PRAI.

“This is the kind of innovative group that can change the world when they set their minds to it,” said Dr. Jacobs, CEO of Connect Our Kids. “That’s exactly what children in foster care need.” Connect Our Kids builds scalable technology tools to help social workers connect children in foster care with their families and other natural supports. Dr. Jacobs’ previous work in counter nuclear terrorism informed her solution for foster care; to learn more and support, visit https://connectourkids.org.

Allison Kane, Co-founder of Verijet, said, “The conference was successful and engaging, offering attendees the chance to connect with influential figures and establish valuable relationships. The Institute’s innovative initiative is truly unique and holds great promise for success.”

Consuelo Vanderbilt, Founder and President of SOHO muse, noted, “The future of our world depends on us being able to leverage the power of AI. We at SOHO muse believe in the power of leveraging the power of AI while also keeping the human aspect of ‘connection’ through creativity alive.”

Ray Leonard Jr., CEO of Ovationz.com, Aaron Ellis, VP of Strategy at Nobody Studios, Jacob Kapustin, CEO of Knowledge Road, and Mike Mumola, CSO of Webdelics discussed the Future of Helping and Inspiring Others. Alex Elman Foley, CEO of Lighthouse, said, “I was blown away by the use of technology is assisting non-profits to surpass their goals of helping people, especially since Lighthouse leverages technology to level the playing field for people facing vision loss.”

Aaron Ellis said, “This conference was the standout experience during my time in Miami! Julia and Tracy have genuinely established a remarkable organization. I am excited about contributing to their vision and mission in the future.”

“PRAI is proud to be an active partner with the Digital Evolution Institute. Our panel focused on life changing charities and give us the unique opportunity to be able to apply our AI to help these organizations that can’t normally afford Public Relations,” said Nick Betancourt, CEO of PRAI, a newly launched AI platform that connect to 100,000 journalists and 120,000 social media influencers.

Michael Mannino, MA, PhD, Director of Miami Dade College AI Center hosted the event and noted the world class expertise and high audience engagement.

Marco Antonio Soriano Von Hemmersdorff IV, CEO of the Soriano Family Office, in a fireside chat moderated by Paul Stamoulis, President of Worth Media Group, noted, “Soriano today shows how important it is to get electric mobility done perfectly. Our mission is to inspire the adoption of sustainable energy by creating advanced technologies and the most captivating luxury electric vehicles, centered around the human experience”.

” The social good sector has the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of AI,” noted Annie Rhodes, CEO of Wishes. ” We have developed a trust engine built on fintech rails that uses AI to strengthen the giving ecosystem, by giving donors insight into where their funds go and alleviating nonprofits’ reporting burden.”

Impact investing is another space where innovation and social impact intersect. “This event brought together the most innovative and influential minds in for-profit and non-profit sectors to iterate on the future of AI,” said Ann Oleson, Partner at Return on Good that connects impact projects with visionary investors.

“The conference was the perfect opportunity for us to share exciting work in AI and process automation we do to power the next generation of impact investments,” said John Sharp, Managing Partner, Hatcher+. Jonathan Wood, Founder of C2Risk, spoke about how his company provides risk analytics to optimize ESG evaluation. Bobby Soper, President & CEO of Sun Gaming & Hospitality, spoke about the challenges faced by indigenous tribes. Real Estate legends Joe Williams, Diego Leiva, Dolf de Roos and best-selling author Mark Victor Hansen discussed Real Estate trends.

The festive spirit benefited from the unveiling of the signature Digital Evolution cocktail by Simple Spirits, the premier portfolio of social impact spirits. Daniel Lafuente, CEO of Simple Spirits, said “We raise a glass in honor of the incredible philanthropies harnessing AI for a better world!”

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