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DispleTech and SES Imagotag Join Forces to Elevate Retail Experience Through Advanced Technology Solutions

DispleTech and SES Imagotag are collaborating to revolutionize retail using advanced technology solutions, for data insights and for IoT integration.

Our collaboration focuses on reducing waste, and embracing sustainability. With SES Imagotag’s Pulse and VUSION OS, we’re delivering actionable insights and cutting-edge IoT capabilities.”

— Robert Diner

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, October 5, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — DispleTech is elated to unveil its collaboration with SES Imagotag. This alliance is emblematic of a shared vision to introduce real solutions, with a keen focus on optimizing margins and mitigating waste, utilizing the prowess of SES Imagotag’s VUSION and Pulse software. This venture underlines a mutual dedication to fostering future-ready, efficient, and sustainable business practices.

Harnessing the Power of Pulse:

Pulse is at the forefront of this collaboration, embodying a myriad of functionalities that promise to redefine retail operations. By amalgamating data from diverse sources including aisles, POS, and third parties, Pulse renders an exhaustive analysis encompassing waste, product sell-through, and margins. The insights garnered are not only actionable but are pivotal in pinpointing areas necessitating immediate enhancement, thereby bolstering the financial health of your stores.

Pulse empowers retailers to help control waste, optimize stock and margin, adjust pricing in alignment with market dynamics increases sales, and swiftly notify associates of pressing issues through discreet ESL messages. Furthermore, it facilitates competitive pricing strategies, in-depth promotion analysis across various stores, strategic store management through performance comparison, and it creates insightful automated weekly reports.

Elevating Retail with VUSION OS:

VUSION OS emerges as an unparalleled cloud IoT operating system, exhibiting attributes of high performance, robust security, future adaptability, and flexibility. It acts as the technological pillar for digitalized stores, championing sustainability by minimizing carbon emissions and electronic waste through prolonged hardware lifespan.

VUSION OS is indispensable for retailers aspiring to integrate automated, digitalized stores and adopt innovative physical e-Commerce models. It assures unrivaled IoT unity within stores, offering optimal performance for all in-store IoT, fortified by end-to-end encryption. Devices utilizing VUSION OS are safeguarded by a unique patented key exchange protocol, guaranteeing the integrity of communications and data exchanges.

Assurance of Unrivalled Support and Security:

With the backing of SES Imagotag’s dedicated support, retailers are assured of a swift recovery response to any critical issues, enhancing operational resilience. The combination of cutting-edge technology, impenetrable security, and unparalleled support offered by VUSION OS and Pulse positions them as invaluable assets for retailers navigating the digital terrain.

About DispleTech:

DispleTech services and creates products for retail. With SES Imagotag’s innovation in technology solutions, steadfast in its mission to assist retailers in traversing the ever-evolving digital ecosystem, we can offer you their best services. The alliance with SES Imagotag is a testament to DispleTech’s commitment to delivering avant-garde software and hardware solutions, geared towards enhancing your efficiency, sustainability, and profitability in the retail sector.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/659973881/displetech-and-ses-imagotag-join-forces-to-elevate-retail-experience-through-advanced-technology-solutions

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