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‘Four Frogs Sitting on a Log’ Explores Life’s Lessons with Humor and Heart

Dive into a whimsical world with ‘Four Frogs Sitting on a Log’ by Karalynne Temperato.

Author Karalynne Temperato in a portrait, with a blue patterned backdrop.

Meet Karalynne Temperato, the creative force behind ‘Four Frogs Sitting on a Log.

Discover life’s little lessons in ‘Four Frogs Sitting on a Log’: A delightful fusion of fun and wisdom.

As a child, I remember the warmth and joy I felt while being read to. It taught me the value of reading.”

— Karalynne Temperato

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Staten House is delighted to present “Four Frogs Sitting on a Log” by Karalynne Temperato, a heartwarming story that weaves together the adventures of four frog brothers with invaluable life lessons. Set against the backdrop of a vibrant swamp, this tale unfolds as the frogs outwit a greedy gecko, thanks to the wisdom imparted by their families. It’s a celebration of quick thinking, familial advice, and the safety found in heeding wise counsel.

Karalynne Temperato crafts this narrative with a deep-seated belief in the foundational role of family. She shares, “Family is the best foundation to build a successful future. It is family that really matters and stays with us throughout our journey.” Her story extends an invitation to readers to explore the essence of these bonds and the guiding light they provide.

Recalling her own childhood, Temperato reflects on the profound impact of being read to, emphasizing the lasting joy and value of shared reading moments. “As a child, I remember the warmth and joy I felt while being read to. It taught me the value of reading.” Through “Four Frogs Sitting on a Log,” she aspires to pass on this simple yet powerful gift, encouraging families to cherish their time together with a book in hand.

Temperato’s journey as an author is rooted in a moment of realization about the empowering nature of literacy. A trip to the laundromat as a young adult became a pivotal experience, teaching her that with the ability to read, she could navigate the challenges of life independently.

Available now, this enchanting tale awaits to become a part of your family’s cherished reading moments, reminding us all of the beauty of listening, learning, and laughing together. Click here to purchase your copy on Amazon.

About the Author:

Karalynne Temperato is a devoted mother, grandmother, and lifelong small-town resident whose daily life is rich with various roles. Her passion for storytelling and art is evident in the pages of her book, where her words and illustrations combine to bring joy and thoughtful lessons to her readers.

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