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“JAPAN BULLET TRAIN” Shinkansen Ticket Service Now Open to International Travelers and Foreign Residents in Japan USA – English APAC – English

“JAPAN BULLET TRAIN” Shinkansen Ticket Service Now Open to International Travelers and Foreign Residents in Japan

USA – English

APAC – English

TOKYO, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Inbound Platform Corp. (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange) is pleased to announce the new launch of its Shinkansen (bullet train) ticket service, which includes basic fares, express tickets and the innovative ticket issuance via QR codes, for international travelers and foreign residents in Japan, starting from March 1, 2024.

Image1: https://cdn.kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M107869/202402026175/_prw_PI1fl_xUeq2624.png 

Image2: https://cdn.kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M107869/202402026175/_prw_PI2fl_40292sCg.png 

Through the “JAPAN BULLET TRAIN” website provided by the company, accessible via the link below, international travelers and foreign residents can effortlessly book and manage Shinkansen tickets in less than 2 minutes, while also eliminating language barriers and ensuring seamless experience.

JAPAN BULLET TRAIN” website: https://www.japan-bullettrain.com/ 

Features of service

-Inbound Platform Corp. known for its diverse range of travel services catering to international travelers and foreign residents, has decided to expand and extend support by facilitating Shinkansen ticket bookings. Recognizing the complexities, time constraints and language barriers involved in purchasing Shinkansen tickets, the company aims to streamline the entire booking process through the new service. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, the company offers telephone assistance in seven languages for a flawless travel experience.

-Currently available in English, Mandarin Chinese (both simplified and traditional), and Korean. The company plans to incorporate Spanish and French in the near future. Furthermore, while currently accepting credit cards and Apple Pay, the company plans to integrate additional payment options such as Google Pay and Wechat Pay.

How to Use: https://cdn.kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M107869/202402026175/_prw_PI3fl_4m5taiud.png 

Available ticket types:
JR Shinkansen and all conventional JR lines nationwide which also include popular routes such as the Narita Express and limited express trains.
*Note that the Japan Rail Pass is not yet available.

In the near future, Inbound Platform Corp. intends to provide the Shinkansen reservation service to travel agencies and web media worldwide, aiming to make Shinkansen bookings in Japan as convenient as possible. For those interested, please inquire at the following link: https://www.japan-bullettrain.com/contact 

About Inbound Platform Corp.
CEO: Shin O
Executive Director: Toru Otake
Address: 4th Floor, SW Shimbashi Building,6-14-5 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 2015
Company website: https://www.inbound-platform.com/en/
Japan Wireless(Wi-Fi rental): https://www.japan-wireless.com/en
Japan Wireless eSIM(embedded SIM card): https://www.japan-wireless.com/esim
AIRPORT TAXI(airport transfer): https://www.airport-taxi.tokyo/en
JW Magazine(web media): https://jw-webmagazine.com/ 

SOURCE Inbound Platform Corp.

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/japan-bullet-train-shinkansen-ticket-service-now-open-to-international-travelers-and-foreign-residents-in-japan-302086251.html
Images courtesy of https://pixabay.com

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