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Jetaire Flight Systems: Leading the Way in Aircraft Fuel Tank Safety Since 1984

As the company celebrates its 39th anniversary, the future of the business has never been more promising.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga., Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This week marks the thirty-ninth anniversary of Fayetteville, Georgia-based Jetaire. Since its establishment in 1984, Jetaire has emerged as a trusted leader in the aviation and aerospace industries, specializing in fuel tank safety, ignition mitigation, and certifications that comply with regulatory requirements.

Jetaire’s Commitment to Safety and Excellence

At Jetaire, safety is of paramount importance. With a team of experienced professionals and a track record of excellence, Jetaire has become a go-to provider of high-quality services for clients worldwide. The company’s extensive expertise and commitment to innovation have solidified its position as a leader in fuel tank flammability reduction.

Jetaire founder and CEO, Michael Williams speaking on the company’s anniversary, stated, “As we approach our milestone of four decades dedicated to enhancing aviation safety, we remain committed to ensuring the safety of every passenger and crew member flying on aircraft that have been touched by our team.”

INVICTA – Jetaire’s Patented Technology for Boeing & Airbus Aircraft

Fuel tank flammability reduction is a critical aspect of aircraft safety, and Jetaire has developed a groundbreaking solution to address this issue. Enter INVICTA, the commercial aircraft industry’s leading foam-based ignition mitigation means for fuel tank flammability reduction.

Unlike traditional nitrogen generating systems, INVICTA offers a host of advantages that make it a game-changer in the industry. This lightweight, foam-based solution requires no maintenance, has a zero-failure rate, and comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty. By utilizing a reticulated polyurethane foam, INVICTA effectively suppresses ignition propagation caused by sparks, lightning strikes, or static discharges. It provides unparalleled ignition mitigation, minimizing the risk of explosion in fuel tanks.

The Distinct Advantages of INVICTA

INVICTA’s unique features set it apart from other fuel tank ignition mitigation systems in the market. Unlike nitrogen inerting systems that require frequent maintenance and often full replacement due to the effects of ozone, INVICTA offers a hassle-free, long-lasting solution. It has a 20+ life limit, ensuring durability and efficiency throughout its lifespan.

Furthermore, INVICTA’s foam-based technology has been patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, solidifying its place as an industry-leading solution. It meets all requirements for Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction (FTFR) Rule and FAR 25.981, making it the most reliable mitigation system available.

Global Certifications and Expansion Plans

Jetaire’s INVICTA system has received a series of global certifications, highlighting its compliance with international standards. Recently, Jetaire obtained European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification for the A320 and B737 fleets. Additionally, the Agencia Federal de Aviación Civil (AFAC) certified the INVICTA system for the B737, allowing Jetaire to expand its footprint into the Mexican aviation market. Furthermore, the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC) and Transport Canada (TCCA) have certified INVICTA for the B737 type, solidifying Jetaire’s presence throughout the Americas.

These certifications demonstrate Jetaire’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that adhere to the highest safety standards. With a focus on expansion, Jetaire aims to penetrate even more active aerospace markets worldwide, ensuring that its innovative solutions reach a global audience.

Jetaire’s Custom Safety Features

Jetaire’s legacy is built on the creation and support of systems that enhance safety on transport category aircraft. Over three decades ago, Jetaire developed Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for floor proximity lighting systems, which are now standard fit for passenger-carrying aircraft worldwide. The company was also the first to develop aftermarket smoke detection and fire suppression systems, certifying them as part of FAA mandates for various aircraft models.

Jetaire’s commitment to innovation and safety has resulted in three patents being awarded for the company’s INVICTA product by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. These patents recognize Jetaire’s unique contributions to the aviation industry and the development of advanced safety solutions.

Innovation: The Key to Survival in the Aviation Sector

The aviation sector’s future hinges on innovation, and Jetaire embodies this principle. The company’s ability to develop unique solutions to regulatory mandates has been a core strength throughout its existence. With Michael Williams’ extensive background as an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) and the team’s technical expertise, Jetaire has successfully certified innovative solutions that meet stringent industry requirements.

Williams stated “We are driven by a culture and spirit that propelled us to thoughtfully develop the technology behind our INVICTA ignition mitigation means. It’s an exciting time of growth for our team as we continue to seek out highly proficient, innovative thinkers to help us succeed.”

INVICTA is a prime example of Jetaire’s innovative thinking. While other companies opted for conventional nitrogen inerting systems, Jetaire recognized the need for a more efficient approach to ignition mitigation. By taking an Occam’s Razor approach, Jetaire developed INVICTA as the most reliable fuel tank flammability reduction solution in the industry. This foam-based technology surpasses the labor-intensive installation and maintenance challenges associated with nitrogen systems.

Jetaire Flight Systems continues to lead the way in fuel tank flammability reduction. With its revolutionary INVICTA system, the company offers a lightweight, maintenance-free, and highly reliable solution that surpasses traditional nitrogen generating systems. Jetaire’s global certifications, commitment to safety, and innovative mindset position it as a trusted authority in the aviation industry. As the world recovers from the pandemic, Jetaire anticipates significant growth, fueled by its dedication to providing efficient, compliant, and cutting-edge solutions for aircraft fuel tank safety.

About Jetaire Group
Jetaire Group, established in 1984, is a full-service avionics and aircraft engineering firm providing high-quality services to clients in the aviation and aerospace industries. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we specialize in fuel tank safety, ignition mitigation, and FAR and FTFR certification that comply with FAA, EASA, ANAC, AFAC & TCCA. With offices and dedicated employees worldwide, we have provided over 150 value-added technical and engineering solutions to customers in over 50 countries. 

INVICTA is the only patented foam-based solution for the requirements of the fuel tank flammability reduction rule. INVICTA brings aircraft into compliance with 25.981 and 121.1117 with minimal downtime. 

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SOURCE Jetaire Group

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