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Lectrium Launches New Suite of Digital Tools to Help Automotive Dealerships Sell Electric Vehicles

Lectrium Launches New Suite of Digital Tools to Help Automotive Dealerships Sell Electric Vehicles

Tools help to address consumer concerns around battery range, charging times and vehicle cost

BROOKLYN, N.Y., June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Lectrium, a technology and software company designing tools to help dealerships adapt to selling electric vehicles (EVs), today announced the launch of their new digital marketing tools. The new tools will enable automotive dealerships to utilize enhanced data that are critical to driving EV sales. Dealerships using Lectrium’s software will now be able to incorporate information including battery range, charging times and long-term savings of EV ownership directly onto their websites in a way that is easily understandable for prospective EV purchasers.

The transition from selling traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to selling EVs hasn’t been easy for many dealerships. Data show that EVs tend to sit on dealership lots longer than ICE vehicles (sometimes up to twice as long), a reality that causes dealers to accrue costs and sell fewer vehicles. From the consumer perspective, perceived cost continues to steer many purchasers away from EVs despite a wide range of federal and state incentives for EV purchases.

“As dealerships receive new EV models from OEMs, EVs become an increasingly viable option for consumers which often beat ICE vehicles from a total cost of ownership perspective,” said Peter Barba, CEO at Lectrium. “Our new software enables dealerships to communicate EV affordability to potential buyers and reduce range and charging anxiety, which transforms dealerships and their sales teams into knowledgeable assets helping the EV transition.”

Lectrium’s new platform includes two tools: the EV Savings Badge and the EV Sales Buddy. The EV Savings Badge displays federal tax incentives and state rebates, which can range in value from $3,750 or $7,500 at the federal level to $500 to $4,000 at the state level. In addition, the EV Savings Badge enables online shoppers to calculate average fuel cost savings, which can reach as high as $10,373 for an EV, compared to an ICE vehicle, over a span of five years. This information is displayed as an interactive graphic on Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs), allowing prospective buyers to more clearly understand the cost and savings associated with buying an EV.

“Many dealerships have started electrification by installing DC fast chargers and complying with OEM programs. Now, the second step to gain EV market share comes from selecting vendors who will electrify websites, digital assets, and sales processes,” stated Barba.

Beyond the cost concerns addressed by Lectrium’s EV Savings Badge, the company’s EV Sales Buddy enables dealership sales teams to quickly and clearly answer questions around EV charging, range anxiety, and rebate eligibility. The Sales Buddy consolidates information for all EV brands and models to one central hub, enabling associates to pull and compare accurate data without having to shuffle through various manufacturer, state and federal resources.

“What the automotive industry needs is a SaaS provider that understands EVs and is all about building the vehicle electrification movement to help dealers and consumers solve the Climate Crisis,” stated Jesse Lore, owner at Green Wave Electric Vehicles. “Lectrium is perfectly positioned to do this with their commitment to transparency, quality and customer experience.”

Lectrium’s goal is to help dealers sell more EVs and enable the transition to cleaner modes of transportation. By educating customers about the financial benefits of driving electric and easing customer concerns during the EV-buying process, Lectrium hopes to reduce EV market challenges experienced by dealers, and be the EV partner of choice for dealerships across the U.S.

About Lectrium
Founded in 2021, Lectrium provides electric vehicle digital marketing solutions for car dealerships. Lectrium’s database powers tools related to vehicle merchandising, clean vehicle tax credits, dealership EV SEO, and more. As the leading EV marketing vendor partner for dealerships, Lectrium is proud to have exhibited at NADA, Digital Dealer, and more industry events and the company was recently selected to participate in the fourteenth cohort of URBAN-X‘s startup program. Built by MINI, URBAN-X partners with founders to build and scale bold technology solutions that make cities more livable, efficient, and resilient.

SOURCE Lectrium

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lectrium-launches-new-suite-of-digital-tools-to-help-automotive-dealerships-sell-electric-vehicles-302167764.html
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