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New Book Takes Readers Somewhere They’ve Never Been Before and Introduces Them to Towering Legends

Looking for Legends

Scott (right) and Tarantino

LOOKING FOR LEGENDS by Scott and Tarantino

It’s witty commentary as they circumnavigate the globe in a book that is part travelogue, part history, and part good, old-fashioned, action story.”

— BookTrib

WESTPORT, CT, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Not since the classic 1,000 Places to See Before You Die has there been such a call to adventure. Whether armchair travelers, occasional tourists, seasoned globetrotters, daring adventurers, or intrepid explorers, there’s something for all readers in the new book, LOOKING FOR LEGENDS: Let Us Take You Somewhere You’ve Never Been Before, and Introduce You to Our Friends (Whole Wide World Publishing).

Joined at the heart by a love for travel and adventure, Scott and Tarantino provide witty commentary as they circumnavigate the globe in a book that is part travelogue, part history, and part good, old-fashioned, action story. These married travelers spanned the globe for 25 years and discovered that travel is more than anticipating and planning the journey, reaching the destination, or seeing the sights. It’s about the people they meet along the way. Within these pages are the incredible individuals they found—the towering legends who truly lived.

Complete with original, hand-drawn maps and more than 150 images, LOOKING FOR LEGENDS takes readers to places that exceed their wildest dreams. The authors describe a number of their experiences, such as navigating through the Empty Quarter with Wilfred Thesiger; dancing the tango with Ricardo Guiraldes; uncovering secrets of the Rosetta Stone with Jean-François Champollion; finding the 15th Eight-Thousander with Reinhold Messner; hunting a man-eating tiger with Jim Corbett; and many more.

LOOKING FOR LEGENDS is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.

Visit www.lookingforlegends.com.

SCOTT is a multisport athlete, equestrian, coach, mentor, and explorer, all while being a grandmother to eight and great-grandmother to fifteen. She has traveled to more than fifty countries, been to places high and low, and knows how to go along in order to get along.

TARANTINO is an entrepreneur and private investor. His extensive library of more than 5,000 books allows them to travel even when they stay at home.

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