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New Glasses, New School Year – EFE Launches New Campaign

EFE Back to School Sale 2023

EFE launches its Back-to-School sale 2023 to welcome the new school year with every student, teacher, and parent.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — As the 2023 school year approaches, glasses brand EFE launches its Back-to-School campaign, celebrating the kickoff of the new semester. Being a glasses brand providing high-value prescription glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses, EFE strives to provide the most affordable glasses and quality lenses along with professional customer service.

This campaign reflects that EFE’s glasses offer every customer additional versatility, with features such as high-quality frames, anti-scratch coating for durability, and green coating for clearer vision. Additionally, there are different types of lenses for all glasses to choose from, including blue light blocking lenses, progressive lenses, photochromic lenses, polarized lenses and clear lenses.

For many people, back-to-school season may be one of the best times in a year to invest in a new pair of eyeglasses. EFE takes part in the season to provide every individual an access to affordable glasses. This campaign is also a way for EFE to show its support in helping customers get a new pair to start the new school year. Students, teachers, and parents who purchase glasses at EFE can use the promo code “BTS” at checkout to get an extra random pair of blue light glasses.

Stylish Glasses for The New School Year
Glasses used to be regarded as some nerdy accessory among the youth. But now things have changed. For Gen Z, glasses have officially become the trendiest fashion statement. In recent years, celebrities have been spotted with some cool frames, which makes both prescription and non-prescription glasses go from being a symbol of nerd to the hottest accessory to some extent.

With over 200 items in all, EFE collects almost every possible style for every individual to meet their various needs. From vintage to modern styles, the former enjoys browline glasses, round frames, and tortoise shell glasses, while modern styles have clear square frames, lightweight metal frames, and bold geometric glasses. No matter what style one likes, with the wide variety of frames available, there will be a pair at EFE that suits one’s personality and sense of style.

The glasses at EFE are not just about following the trend, but also can enhance one’s overall look and provide clear vision. By achieving this, the glasses brand further gives customers different lifestyles and lightens their everyday lives.

Blue Light Glasses for People in The Screen Time
Back-to-school season is not just about students who will have a new semester, but also has close relations with teachers and parents. For teachers and parents, it is also back-to-work season.

For adolescents and grown-ups, it is nearly inevitable to stare at digital screens. Screens have become an integral part of people’s everyday lives. With the increasing screen time, many even have got eye damage or diseases. Facing such situations, more and more people have the idea that a pair of blue light glasses is necessary.

For both prescription and non-prescription glasses, EFE’s blue light blocking lenses are available. These slightly tinted lenses can protect wearers’ eyes from the negative side effects of digital screens, reducing headaches caused by blue light and allowing them to stay focused on their work. Wearing blue light glasses won’t just benefit one’s eye health, but it will also step up his/her style. Indeed, EFE’s glasses frames come in all shapes and styles, from chic and classic frames to oversized and bold ones.

All in all, EFE launches its new campaign at this back-to-school season, providing more than 200 types of glasses frames to help customers see clearly. This exactly follows the principles that EFE is fulfilling:
1. To provide the most affordable eyeglasses for people who need glasses.
2. To provide the best quality lenses to customers.
3. To make it easy to order glasses online.
4. To provide professional customer service.

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