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New Smart Summer Novel by Amy Dressler Offers a Twist on Shakespeare for a New Generation of Women

How to Align the Stars Cover Image

Debut author Amy Dressler enters the fiction scene with a smart and entertaining novel not to be missed.

This book shows two different stories of women who are certain about the paths they’re on…”

— Author Amy Dressler

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In her new book, How to Align the Stars, novelist Amy Dressler offers a smart summer beach read that takes the traditional Shakespeare story Much Ado About Nothing and changes the narrative. The original story has two heroines, an older and a younger cousin, in which the latter marries her love under undue circumstances. In Dressler’s version, the older cousin Beatrice is an astronomy professor, her younger cousin a student in a college located in a small college town in wine country.

Although Dressler updates the careers of the two women for the modern age, she maintains the stubborn qualities of Beatrice and the demure qualities of her cousin. Their male counterparts have also been updated but maintain ties to the original play. The biggest change in the adaptation of Shakespeare is that of the storyline in the last third of the book, and how the two women react to the events that unfold. In the original story the women valued getting married at all costs, while modern women have different options.

“This book shows two different stories of women who are certain about the paths they’re on until circumstances creep in that make them question themselves, and how rewarding it is when they’re wise enough to listen, unafraid to step away from that path they’ve so carefully laid out,” says author Amy Dressler. “My writing owes its roots to the ‘chick lit’ writers of the early 2000’s. These books ended up getting an undeserved bad rap, but it was reading about messy, funny women like Bridget Jones or Marian Keyes’ charming heroines that made me feel like I had books in me, too.”

Amy Dressler is a former librarian and freelance pop culture writer who works in local government by day and writes at night. She holds a BA in English from Whitman and both a Master’s in Library Science and Certificate in Popular Fiction from the University of Washington. Her fiction was recognized as a finalist in the PNWA Literary Contest.

How to Align the Stars: A Novel is published through a publishing startup in the greater Seattle area founded by Tess Jones. Egret Lake Books is a boutique book publisher of women’s fiction, romance, and poetry.

Book Product Page: http://egretlakebooks.com/how-to-align-the-stars/
Book link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CPGLL53P

Book Title: How to Align the Stars
Book Subtitle: A Novel (Shakespeare Project)
Author: Amy Dressler
Publisher: Egret Lake Books
ISBN: 978-1-956498-10-3
Paperback and eBook
Media Kit Available

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