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Novel Follows Lady Lawyer’s Battle Against Workplace Glass Ceiling

Don’t Cry for Me, Aunt Tina

Steve Russell

Steve Russell

Steve Russell holding his book

Steve Russell’s “Don’t Cry for Me, Aunt Tina” shows struggle against office discrimination in the 1960s

AUSTRALIA, January 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Following a young woman’s search for her mother as well as her struggle to become a successful lawyer in 1960s London, “Don’t Cry for Me, Aunt Tina” is author Steve Russell’s literary debut that gives readers a moving and heartwarming glimpse of a bygone era where despite the hardships of the time, perseverance and love can help one weather the storms in life. “Don’t Cry for Me, Aunt Tina” will be followed by a sequel, “She’ll be Right, Aunt Tina,” which will be published around June 2024. Russell also has a second separate work, “Night Train to Aswan” due out in December 2023.

Trish Smithers’ life hasn’t been easy. She and her sister were deserted by their destitute mother in 1947. Years later, Trish is pushing onward and struggling to become a lawyer in the swinging sixties, an era where society is starting to become liberated but still retains many hang ups particularly for young career-driven women. She arrives in London as a naive young woman from a small English village and must adapt to city life as well as the pressures of her nascent legal career.

Mistakes are made in love and life as she battles the establishment and tries to break the glass ceiling in order to become a successful lawyer. At the same time, she still longs to learn more about her parents and searches for clues regarding her heritage and an answer to that painful question: why were they deserted?

“Don’t Cry for Me, Aunt Tina” is a moving narrative that takes readers back to another period while at the same time portraying relatable issues particularly for those going through tough times. Russell has been working on the story for 30 years before completing it and deciding to release it to readers, with a sequel due next year.

“It’s a feel good story that everyone can relate to in these tough times. This is my first book hopefully there will be plenty to follow. I am overjoyed with its reception and feedback. It has a 4.13-star rating on Amazon Good Reads and is averaging 4 stars in the two versions on Amazon. – Not bad for my first book!” he says. “My second book: ‘Night Train to Aswan,’ is due out in December 2023. I’m hoping my third book, ‘She’ll be Right, Aunt Tina,’ the sequel to ‘Don’t Cry for Me, Aunt Tina’ will be published around June 2024.”

About the Author

Steve Russell grew up in Sydney, Australia and has worked in the stockbroking, airline, hospitality and transport industries. He owned and operated an interstate transport company for 25 years. Related to the 1940s swashbuckling film star Erroll Flynn, Russell has inherited some of his second cousin’s wild ways – having an adventurous youth traveling across Africa to explore Europe and even transiting from East Germany to West Berlin during the height of the Cold War. He has dabbled in politics, serving as councilor for 13 years, and Mayor of Hornsby for five years. Now he is embarking on his next adventure, becoming a novelist with multiple works hitting the shelves.

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