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Oprah’s Former Private Chef Art Smith and several other Celebrity Chefs Tackles World Hunger, 100 Meals at a Time

Oprah’s Former Private Chef Art Smith and several other Celebrity Chefs Tackles World Hunger, 100 Meals at a Time

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Amanda Freitag

Chrisitne Cushing

I’m so honored to make this apron with Cooks Who Feed. I helped design ‘Food is Love.’ It gives back to God’s Love We Deliver. Give a gift that gives back is honestly my favorite thing to do.”

— Amanda Freitag

TORONTO, QUEBEC, CANADA, June 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cooks Who Feed, an innovative apron and kitchen textiles brand, is making waves in the culinary world with a mission to combat global hunger. For every apron sold, Cooks Who Feed provides 100 meals to those in need, tackling food insecurity by rescuing and repurposing food waste into nutritious meals. To date, the initiative has successfully distributed over 1.7 million meals worldwide, empowering food enthusiasts to contribute toward a hunger-free world with every purchase.

The Cooks Who Feed mission has garnered the support of multiple celebrity chefs, including Chef Amanda Freitag, Chef Christine Cushing, Chef Art Smith, Chef Vikram Vij, and Chef Erica Wides. These culinary experts have partnered with Cooks Who Feed to design stylish, sustainable aprons that make a difference.

Art Smith, a Champion for World Hunger Awareness

Chef Art Smith, renowned for his culinary prowess and passion for philanthropy, is a fervent advocate for addressing world hunger and supporting Cooks Who Feed. His partnership with the brand amplifies the message of tackling food insecurity and encourages food lovers to play an active role in ending hunger. Chef Art Smith highlights the significance of raising awareness about food insecurity and the global efforts needed to combat this issue. His collaboration with Cooks Who Feed showcases the power of collective action in creating a hunger-free world. Additionally, Chef Art Smith provides practical tips on how viewers at home can contribute to ending world hunger through conscious consumption and supporting initiatives like Cooks Who Feed.

Celebrity Chef Endorsements:

Chef Amanda Freitag, NYC – Born and raised in New Jersey, Chef Amanda Freitag has become a culinary maven known for her appearances on Food Network’s “Chopped” and other popular shows. She says, “I’m so honored to make this apron with Cooks Who Feed. I helped design it, it says ‘Food is Love’ on it, and it gives back to God’s Love We Deliver. It’s really cool. To give a gift that gives back is honestly my favorite thing to do.”

Chef Christine Cushing, Toronto, Canada – An award-winning chef and TV personality, Christine Cushing has been a beloved figure in Canadian kitchens for over 20 years. She says, “Cooks Who Feed is a fantastic organization that has these handmade aprons, made in India, amazing. When I heard about it, when they reached out to me, I thought this is a great organization to be part of and to help because for one apron you feed 100 people. I just love the idea of supporting a great cause like this.”

Chef Vikram Vij, Vancouver, Canada – Indian-born Canadian chef and co-owner of several acclaimed restaurants, Chef Vikram Vij is a respected figure in the culinary world. He says, “I just love how the linen napkins feel and the colors are amazing. This is an amazing collaboration with Cooks Who Feed.”

Chef Erica Wides, NYC – A chef, writer, and media host from Brooklyn, NY, Erica Wides has worked in some of New York’s finest restaurants and is the creator of the cooking show “Let’s Get Real.” She says, “I’m partnering with Cooks Who Feed because while we have so much, so many people in this richly abundant world still go to bed hungry, and for me, that’s unacceptable. If I can use my platform to help spread the word, then maybe a few more bellies will be filled every day.”

About Cooks Who Feed:

Cooks Who Feed is dedicated to fighting hunger and food waste through the sale of ethically handmade aprons. By partnering with celebrity chefs and using sustainable practices, the brand provides 100 meals for every apron sold, making a significant impact on global food insecurity.

1 Apron = 100 Meals: Every apron sold by Cooks Who Feed provides 100 meals to those facing food insecurity through charity partners worldwide, totaling over 1.7 million meals to date. Celebrity Chef Endorsed: Endorsed by acclaimed chefs Amanda Freitag, Christine Cushing, Art Smith, Vikram Vij, and Erica Wides, Cooks Who Feed aprons are a favorite among culinary experts worldwide. Rescuing Food Waste: By rescuing food waste, Cooks Who Feed contributes to a sustainable food system, turning potential waste into nutritious meals. Sustainable Fashion: Made from natural, local, and recycled fabrics, Cooks Who Feed aprons embody sustainable fashion in the kitchen. Ethically Handmade: All textiles are ethically handmade by underprivileged women in India, providing them with safe, fair trade work to lift them out of poverty.

The Story Behind Cooks Who Feed

Founder Seema’s love for cooking and sharing meals inspired the creation of Cooks Who Feed. After visiting an NGO in India that provided training and fair work to marginalized women, Seema felt compelled to help more women have the same opportunity. In 2018, she learned about the staggering amount of food waste and realized the potential to make a difference. Seema connected the dots, and the idea for Cooks Who Feed was born, using aprons—the uniform of a cook—to fight hunger. By working directly with the NGO she visited, Cooks Who Feed produces their aprons ethically, aiming to empower foodies everywhere to fight hunger in the most socially responsible way possible.


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