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Patience Quayson Releases Book on Becoming a Religious Sister

“Exploring the Intersection of Faith and Psychology: A Journey into the Lives of Religious Sisters”

GHANA, WEST AFRICA, December 7, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Esteemed author, religious sister, and licensed psychoanalyst, Patience Quayson announces the release of her enlightening new book, “Becoming a religious sister: Erik Erikson and Donald Winnicott in Dialogue.” The book seamlessly merges psychology with spirituality to offer readers an in-depth exploration into the lives of women who choose to devote themselves to faith and service.

In her work, Quayson casts a lens on the complex interplay between spiritual devotion and psychological growth. By examining the life stages and developmental challenges faced by women on a religious path, she uncovers the profound effects of their vocation on their identity and sense of purpose.

Hailing from Ghana, West Africa, Quayson brings over three decades of personal experience as a religious sister to her writing. Her unique academic and professional background, which includes studying theology in Rome and pastoral psychology in the USA, gives her a rich and nuanced perspective on the subject.

While “Becoming a religious sister” focuses on a specific group, its message is universal. The book invites readers from all walks of life to embark on a dialogue that surpasses disciplines, delving deep into human vocation and identity.

The book is available now on healinginnerself.com and major bookstores nationwide.

About the Author: Patience Quayson has dedicated her life to both faith and the study of the human psyche. With a Ph.D. in pastoral psychology and a position as a psychoanalyst/psychotherapist at the Blanton Peale institute, she offers a unique blend of spiritual and psychological expertise. Her journey from Ghana to Rome and then to the USA showcases her commitment to understanding the depths of the human soul.

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