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Reimagining The Future of Education”

Reimagining The Future of Education”

Post Hill Press is Set to Publish the Book Under their Emancipations Books Imprint

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Curtis Valentine, Founder of Real Men Teach, is pleased to announce that he has secured a book deal with Post Hill Press for his debut book, “Real Men Teach: Reimagining The Future of Education.” This significant achievement marks a new chapter in Valentine’s mission to diversify America’s teaching force and inspire millions of students through the recruitment and retention of male educators of color.

“Real Men Teach: Reimagining The Future of Education” delves into the underrepresentation of Black male educators in the U.S. and offers practical solutions for change. Drawing on historical accounts and contemporary stories, Valentine highlights the critical impact of Black male teachers and proposes strategies for recruitment and retention, including mentorship programs, financial incentives, and policy reforms. The book not only addresses historical challenges but also provides a blueprint for creating a more inclusive and equitable education system.

“This book is a call to action,” said Valentine. “It’s about understanding our past, acknowledging the obstacles we’ve faced, and strategizing for a future where diversity in education is not just encouraged but celebrated.” The book is part of Real Men Teach’s larger mission to triple the amount of African American teachers by 2030, translating to 2 million more students having African American teachers as a part of their life.

Valentine’s extensive 20-year experience in local, state, federal, and international education policy informs this groundbreaking work. He combines his personal journey with in-depth research to present a compelling narrative that is both educational and inspirational. To amplify the reach and impact of “Real Men Teach,” Valentine has partnered with Ascendant Entertainment, a division of Ascendant Group Branding, the #1 ranked Minority Owned PR Firm in the country 3 year’s in a row (clutch.co). This collaboration leverages Ascendant’s expertise in brand narrative and strategic outreach, ensuring that the book’s message resonates widely. The book is projected to be released Spring 2025.

For more information, or to receive updates pertaining to the release of “Real Men Teach: Reimagining The Future of Education,” contact Curtis at [email protected].

About Real Men Teach: Real Men Teach is committed to transforming education one teacher at a time. By 2030, the campaign aims to elevate the number of Black male educators from under 50,000 to 150,000, addressing the current underrepresentation in U.S. classrooms.

About Ascendant Group Branding: Ascendant Group Branding provides marketing, branding, brand management, PR, social media, design, photography, and publishing services to CEOs globally, building human-to-human connections. Their track record in representing CEOs and leveraging brand strategy to catalyze systemic change aligns with the mission of Real Men Teach. For more information, visit Ascendant Group Branding.

For more information about “Real Men Teach: Reimagining The Future of Education” and Curtis Valentine’s efforts to diversify the teaching profession, visit www.realmenteach.com.

Media Inquiries: [email protected]

Call to Action: Stay updated on the progress of “Real Men Teach: Reimagining The Future of Education” by following Curtis Valentine on social media and subscribing to Real Men Teach’s newsletter. Join us in our mission to inspire and support the next generation of diverse educators.

Follow Curtis Valentine:

Instagram: @realmenteach

LinkedIn: Curtis Valentine

Join the Movement: Visit Real Men Teach to learn more about how you can support our initiatives and make a difference in the future of education.

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