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retailcloud Delivers ‘SuiteSpot’: The All-in-One Premium Seating Fan Enhancer

retailcloud Delivers ‘SuiteSpot’: The All-in-One Premium Seating Fan Enhancer

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — retailcloud, a leader in the sports and entertainment sector and a celebrated Inc. 5000 company, has just released their brand new all-in-one premium seating app, SuiteSpot.

SuiteSpot brings the exclusivity and prestige of premium seating to life with its unique service offerings. Leveraging advanced technology, personalization, and efficiency, SuiteSpot enhances the luxury suite experience, making it more memorable and enjoyable for guests.

Solving Industry Challenges with SuiteSpot:
SuiteSpot allows suite members to utilize pre-ordering by accessing SuiteSpot’s web solution. For real-time ordering during the event, guests can simply use retailcloud’s in-house contactless QR code ordering solution or a suite attendee can quickly add, comp, or discount items.

Ryan Colaco, retailcloud’s CPO, dove into how operators can leverage retailcloud’s F&B offering with the SuiteSpot addition. “SuiteSpot allows us to solve how operators can manage their suites, and how guests can manage and place pre orders. However, the major value is due to the ecosystem that supports SuiteSpot. SuiteSpot seamlessly fits into retailcloud’s rapidly growing F&B product portfolio and a solution can be precisely tailored to how a venue is operating. This results in a single bill and a single reporting view across the pre order and the game day concessions and merchandise orders.”

This seamless integration ensures that suite owners and their guests have a hassle-free experience, enhancing their enjoyment and satisfaction.

In-Suite Merchandise Purchase and Delivery:
SuiteSpot streamlines in-suite merchandise purchases with easy order placement, in-suite delivery, and order tracking. Guests can now enjoy the luxury of having their favorite player’s jersey or other merchandise delivered directly to their suite, without missing any part of the event. Through retailcloud’s order routing logic, the fulfillment and inventory management will be directed to the correct store or warehouse regardless of what the customer ordered.

Maximizing Upsell Potential:
By utilizing analytics provided by SuiteSpot, cross-product recommendations can be made in-cart, maximizing upsell opportunities. This drives additional revenue for suite owners and venue operators.

retailclouds VP of Sales Sports & Entertainment, Adam Haker, commented “Luxury suites and premium areas are something we see gaining more and more traction in current and new build venues. These fans who pay a premium are expecting an over the top experience, which all starts with a seamless ordering solution. Our suite platform offers the option to combine F&B orders with merchandise all in one easy to use platform. SuiteSpot was developed directly from feedback of our 40+ major league clients. What gaps, concerns and struggles they’ve had with game day and pre-ordering for their fans. SuiteSpot was not only built to satisfy the fan experience, but also support seamless operations internally for any size venue.”

Ideal Customer Profile:
SuiteSpot is a game-changer for any venue offering premium luxury seating. Whether it’s stadiums, arenas, concert venues, or hospitality suites, integrating SuiteSpot elevates the experience to new heights. This level of service not only elevates the guest experience but also sets a new standard for luxury suite offerings in the sports and entertainment industry.

retailcloud: An omnichannel platform for stadium operators

retailcloud is an omnichannel commerce platform that empowers operators to elevate the fan experience, while simultaneously streamlining operations. We believe merchandising solutions should be able to adopt technology at a rapid pace, as consumer buying patterns evolve everyday. To facilitate this we have evolved into a true platform that allows an operator to utilize their ideal POS, inventory solution, CRM, ecommerce or loyalty provider, with the reassurance that these moving pieces will fit together seamlessly. retailcloud’s completely modular suite of offerings can connect the following data points, regardless if utilizing retailcloud’s native offering or a preferred 3rd party:

-Point of Sale (POS)
-Inventory Management
-Supply Chain Management
-Data Streaming and Analytics
-Omnichannel Integration
-Loyalty and Marketing
-Retail CRM

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