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Rick Herrick, PhD, Releases New Book “A Christian Approach to Political Decision Making: Introducing Whisper Ethics”

BLUFFTON, SC, USA, February 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Book summary:

A Christian Approach to Political Decision-Making: Introducing Whisper Ethics presents a new way of thinking about religion and politics. It represents fifty years of my puzzling over these issues as a trained political scientist and a committed Christian. Rather than relying on biblical passage picking to guide your choices, it puts God in charge. In doing so, it provides Christians with a clear path for working with God to make the world a better place.

The time to get with God to help solve the deep-seated political problems facing the world is now. The survival of our planet requires real solutions to the problem of climate change and the ever-increasing threat posed by the spread of nuclear weapons. Our democracy is threatened by a lack of civility among the partisan players, most of whom claim to be Christian. Gun violence in our country is out of control, and the economy has never been more skewed in favor of the rich.

There are more than two billion Christians in the world today, a critical mass with the potential to fulfill Jesus’ dream of a political realm where God’s love was the rule of the day. All that is required is for Christians to learn how to listen to God’s messages that come in whispers and then to act on them. This book tells you how to do that. Interested readers can purchase the book at Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Christian-Approach-Political-Decision-Making-Introducing/dp/B0CNQ3G98T


“In this new book, Rick Herrick argues that there is a universal energy of divine love in the universe, and that this voice of God does not shout, but whispers. As we are confronted by seemingly insoluble issues, we intuitively know what is right, but we need to overcome our own deafening ego and ‘wash the windows of our perception’ so that we can hear the whisper. Weaving personal experience into the narrative, Herrick offers a good read.”

Carl Krieg, author of What to Believe? The Questions of Christian Faith

“Herrick visits a range of social/political issues, applying the concept of Whisper Ethics to each one showing how a positive/helpful response can be made by listening to the voice of goodness and love floating in the universe. This book is a quick read. However, its message is profound. The concept of Whisper Ethics is unique. Moreover, it engages us, makes us think, and offers a pathway for all of us to become better, more responsive persons.”

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Frantz, author of The God You Didn’t Know You Could Believe In

About the Author:

Rick Herrick has a PhD from Tulane University, is a former tenured university professor and magazine editor, and is the author of six published novels and four works of nonfiction. His musical play, Lighthouse Point, was performed as a fundraiser for the Martha’s Vineyard Museum in 2013.

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