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“Savage Days Haunted Nights” is a tale like few others by author, journalist, editor, Bennett Kremen

Savage Days Haunted Nights

A truly a spellbinding adventure, transcending the boundaries of genre, blending elements of crime fiction into a uniquely powerful narrative that never falters

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dorian, a forceful, adventurous young dreamer, drops out of high school on Chicago’s notorious West Side, the painful result of his dyslexia. They were then called simply dummies! And an angry Dorian’s soon falling in resentfully with other defiant drops outs, many violent, roaming Chicago’s dark streets, taking crap from nobody. Ultimately, they end up hanging out at “Dominic’s” infamous pool hall, where no less than Al Capone’s brother’s often flashing fistfuls off hundreds, during tense poker games. . And before even reaching twenty, Dorian unquestioningly gets involved in daring bank robberies and extortion schemes until that awful, inevitable moment arrives. He’s ordered to murder someone.

A surge, though, of decadency rushes up in him and he goes running for his life aboard a bus speeding to New York City, leaving the Mafia starkly behind him. Though barely able to read, the terror he’s just live through is so overwhelming, he’s simply mad to tell this mind blowing tale. And soon he’s living in the excitement of Greenwich Village, where the writers are, finally moving in with a daring young women, where he begins struggling maniacally learning to read, then incredibly to write before his thousands in ill-gotten dollars runs out, leaving him utterly broke. Despite absolutely knowing better, he insolently takes a 15,000 dollars loan from East Side Frankie, a deadly, soulless loan shark. And now, yes, Dorian’s dealing with the mob again but in such an amazing way, it won’t let you put the book down for a moment.

He’ll be discussing “Savage Days Haunted Nights” with Kate Delany on CBS radio April 18th with reviews from Kirkus, Hollywood Review and US Review of Books forthcoming.

Readers are encouraged to purchase the best version of “Savage Days Haunted Nights” from their preferred bookstore or online platform. For more information about Bennett Kremen and his works, visit his official website www.bennettkremen.com

For press inquiries, please contact his PR representative, Matthew Coleman at (650) 600-9627 or visit us at www.pagevisionpress.com.

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