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Small Biz Liz, Champion for Small Business: Washington, D.C. and Beyond

Liz Anderson, “Small Biz Liz”

Rounding out Black Business Month with a Spotlight on Small Business Advocacy.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, September 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — With a track record of delivering high-quality services prior to joining DMPED (Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development), Liz Anderson has since ingratiated herself amongst the communities of the District and adds her ability to achieve successful outcomes for the city and its business owners. A “people’s champion” is defined as one known for fighting for the people and to Washington business owners, Anderson is just that.

Anderson spoke with Marketing Pulpit host, Robert Gatewood, MBA on why she goes by the moniker “Small Biz Liz” during her interview on Radio-One’s WOL 95.9 FM and 1450 AM Friday. She stated, simply, “It’s actually what the community started calling me… That’s a name that was homegrown by the businesses in the D.C. area; particularly in Ward 7 and 8.” She continued, “They named me that and I said ‘let’s go with it,’ because I’m about the small businesses.”

While Anderson’s own business is currently on hiatus due to her new line of work and demanding work schedule, as a Black business owner, she says “it is my mission to support Black businesses, because when these businesses succeed they create job opportunities, and provide the goods and services that meet the needs of their communities. This in turn leads to increased economic stability, improved living standards and a stronger sense of community.” She continues, “Overall, advocating for Black business is not just about economic empowerment; it’s about fostering equality, diversity, community development, and cultural appreciation.”

She recalls starting out as a new business owner herself, saying “I knew that I had the knowledge, skills and real-life exposure to the challenges of entrepreneurs to be able to support minority business owners in a compassionate and systemic way.” Knowing it would be an arduous, yet exhilarating task, she says, “It took courage to create a business, with limited financial support and a network that could not relate to my desire to go out on my own. At times, I felt alone and like I was not cut out to take on such a role, but then I asked myself ‘if not me… who?'” That was the moment Anderson knew “the small business community needed an advocate and team they could trust to help them navigate the challenging world of growing a business from the ground up.” She says, “They needed not only an expert, but at times a shoulder to cry on, a coach to encourage them to keep on going and a supporter they could trust with their dreams.” She continues, “I knew that the way I needed to lead my business would be different, because I had a personal mission to support the businesses that folks felt were not ready to move forward or even be in existence and with the right support/tools these entrepreneurs could not only survive, but thrive. Therefore, I made sure my company did just that.” To this day, no matter the agency or capacity, Anderson holds that notion close as if it’s the armor that holds her together to fight rigorously on a daily basis.

Posted on her Instagram to culminate a series of free tips for her following and close out a month dedicated to honor Black-owned businesses, Small Biz Liz shared a video by well-known D.C. Businesswoman Angel Gregorio, Owner of The Spice Suite and Black + Forth “Dream Incubator.” Gregorio spoke fondly of Small Biz Liz and her work in the District, saying “I am grateful for the ways she goes above and beyond outside of her capacity in terms of mentoring and supporting… to make sure that the processes that are put in place actually work for the business owners as they’re intended to.” Past and present, Small Biz Liz believes in the services she provides and knows her talents are extremely helpful for the business community.

The process of selecting grantees for funding through her office does not lie solely upon Anderson; however she is able to display being forever “for the people” through the personal care and attention (breaking down technical language, offering business insight, etc.) she offers to each applicant.


About Liz Anderson

Liz Anderson is the Great Streets Retail Small Business Director of Washington, D.C., overseeing a portfolio of initiatives at the the Deputy Mayor’s Office of Planning and Economic Development. With a background in Political Science, Sustainable Development and International Policy/Program Management coupled with certifications in Non-Profit Management and Policy, she is a Thought Leader in Business and well sought after for her knowledge on how to grow and scale businesses, business longevity and retention. Anderson has a track record of proven success, made monumental strides and reached historic heights never-before seen accomplished by an individual in her position. She operates daily as the figurehead of Small Business in Washington, D.C. It is through initiatives spearheaded by Anderson that divisions of the District, such as Ward 7 having the most businesses awarded great streets grants in the history of the program this year, and businesses throughout the city can not just survive but thrive.

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