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Which tire brand is the strongest? The global rankings are revealed in the ApexTire2023 Tire Annual Excellence Awards.

SHANGHAI, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On March 28, 2024, the highly anticipated “ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Selection and Automobile Service Competitiveness Evaluation” (hereinafter referred to as ApexTire2023) was grandly unveiled and globally broadcasted live from the Sheraton Shanghai Pudong Hotel in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai!

The “ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Excellence Awards and Automobile Service Competitiveness Selection,” themed “New Quality, New Momentum” (hereinafter referred to as ApexTire2023), is initiated and organized by TireChina.net, with support from mainstream industry institutions and numerous media partners. Dignitaries such as Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People’s Association and former Deputy Secretary-General of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Gu Laifeng, Vice Director of the Center for Smart Energy Innovation at Shanghai Jiaotong University and former Vice Dean of the School of Overseas Education at Shanghai Jiaotong University, and renowned automotive aftermarket expert Cai Tongcai, along with industry leaders, expert figures, Fortune Global 500 brands, listed companies, CEOs of well-known enterprises, GMs, leaders of ApexTire2023 award-winning companies, and numerous guests from the tire and automotive aftermarket industry chains at home and abroad, graced the event.

Simultaneously, the “LubTop2023 China Lubricant Industry Annual Overall Evaluation List” was released, alongside the “2024 New Quality Productivity and New Energy Vehicle Service Summit Forum,” offering a splendid intellectual feast. This event aimed to lead industry professionals to engage in deeper reflections on the industry and actively promote its healthy development. Guests at the venue, mainstream media in the industry, and millions of car owners watching via live broadcast collectively witnessed the birth of the glory of the lubricant and automotive service industry kings!

The new quality productivity leads the tire industry onto a new track.

China has emerged as a leader in the global automotive industry, ranking first in both production and sales of automobiles and holding a leading position in the production, sales, and export of new energy vehicles. With the largest lubricant market globally and the highest production and sales volume of tires, China’s significant role and influence in the global automotive and related industries are evident. As pivotal industries in the automotive supply chain, the tire and lubricant industries meet the safety and lubrication needs of millions of car owners and contribute to the stable development of major equipment manufacturing in the country. The annual event ApexTire2023 receives considerable attention as it reflects the importance of these industries.

“ApexTire2023” aims to “establish industry benchmarks and inspire the future of the industry,” guiding the direction of tire product and technological advancement. By summarizing the achievements of the tire industry and automotive aftermarket in terms of brands, technology, and products over the past year, it records the footsteps of industrial technological and business model innovations. This provides channel terminals and consumers with a more objective understanding of the industry’s brand development status, offering scientific decision-making basis for consumer behavior.

According to the organizing committee, the selection process of “ApexTire2023” is based on a brand core evaluation system with five dimensions: innovation-driven, market win-win, user experience, industry leadership, and green development. Enterprises qualify for application through initial selection, and based on the results of third-party authoritative quality inspections. The selection process involves a combination of popular voting among car owners and channels, influential market research, and media observation and evaluation. The expert mentor team adheres to high standards and bottom-line thinking, evaluating rigorously with a global perspective and professional spirit. The online and offline big data combined with intelligent algorithms generate the ApexTire Brand Honor Index, selecting industry benchmarks such as the “Top Ten Tire Brands.”

Industry experts believe that the five dimensions of the selection criteria for ApexTire2023 interpret the essence of industrial brands under the leadership of new quality productivity. It emphasizes forging a high-quality development engine through technological innovation and highlights green development as the foundation of high-quality development. This reflects the direction of the tire industry in the context of China’s modernization, which places greater emphasis on the quality, balance, safety, and sustainability of economic development.

As a nationwide selection event with significant scale and influence in the tire and automotive aftermarket industry, “ApexTire2023” is widely regarded in the industry as the “Annual Oscars” of the tire and automotive aftermarket industry. It is led by international giants and involves the participation of well-known Chinese independent brands, achieving cross-industry integration. It serves as a brand endorsement for quality and industry status.

In his keynote address, Shi Jianhua, Vice Secretary-General of the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People’s Association, expressed that as the lubricant and tire industries, along with the automotive aftermarket industry, have grown together, the LubTop Lubricant Overall Evaluation List and ApexTire China Tire Annual Selection have always injected innovative driving forces into the development of the Chinese lubricant and tire industries, as well as the automotive service market, with craftsmanship, confidence, perseverance, innovation, and wisdom. We are currently in an era of profound transformation in the global automotive industry, where green development has become the foundation of high-quality development. New quality productivity, as a representative of green productivity, is gradually becoming the core driving force for promoting industry upgrading, strategic emerging industries, and future industry development. With China’s new energy vehicles entering a stage of explosive growth, the development of new energy vehicles has become the “main engine” driving the growth of the automotive market. The products, technologies, and business models of the lubricant and tire industry chains will undergo significant changes and generate new market demand, presenting great opportunities for the lubricant and tire industries.

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Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/which-tire-brand-is-the-strongest-the-global-rankings-are-revealed-in-the-apextire2023-tire-annual-excellence-awards-302105439.html
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