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Dr. Jim Gordon’s self-help book contains poems, thoughts for grieving, coming to terms with loss

Psychotherapist Shares Soothing Words to Face “Grief and Loss”

UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Drawing from his experience as a psychotherapist serving the Beverly Hills area for many years and counseling terminally ill patients and their families as well as stroke survivors undergoing rehab, Dr Jim Gordon offers soothing words for dealing with “Grief and Loss.” Poems, thoughts and musings spanning years are collected in the hopes of aiding those undergoing pain and losing loved ones or undergoing difficult changes in life. This work is edited by Betty DeGeneres who began collaborating after losing a loved one and deciding to help others sort out their pain.

For those dealing with loss, whether it is letting go of a loved one or leaving a career, perhaps generally just moving on from the past, Dr. Gordon offers a guide to coming to terms with grief and loss. His self-help book contains thoughts, poems, suggestions and advice to deal with death and loss in general, in order to get through sad and difficult junctures in life. Dr. Gibson knows the impact and pain of loss, having told thousands that they were terminal in the early period of the AIDS epidemic, as well as when he worked in stroke rehab for 12 years. He has held the hands of many who have suffered personal losses. His work is a collection of wisdom and consolation for those undergoing similarly hard times.

“To help you make your future a better and stronger place when you are sitting someday looking back at this difficult time and realize that even with loss, you can take things with you from the loss that help you move forward. And to help you roll on with a better future, more strength, and more hope, for the rest of your tomorrows!” Dr. Gibson says.

About the Author

Dr. Jim Gordon is a Beverly Hills celebrity psychotherapist who has treated countless patients undergoing terminal conditions or personal losses. Editor Betty DeGeneres joined Dr. Gordon in working on “Grief and Loss” after her sister passed away.

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