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Nearly $2m Raised for TG Casino in Telegram Crypto Casino Presale

NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a move shaking up the GambleFi space, a new Telegram crypto casino, TG Casino, has surged to almost $2m raised ahead of an imminent $TGC price increase. Now stood at an impressive $1,985,000 raised, $TGC token holders are bracing for an imminent price increase into the next presale stage. With the incremental price bump set to trigger when TG Casino presale stage timer runs out in just over 3 days, early backers are flocking in to secure a strong entry price amid heightened market sentiment on GambleFi tokens.

This is evident from the rapidly growing number of participants in the $TGC presale, following the announcement that there are now a whopping 6,000 active members of the TG Casino Telegram channel.


Significant user growth has been unlocked since the TG Casino went live, drawing in ranks of crypto gamers with the promise of a 200% rakeback bonus on rake up-to 10 ETH.

Why Are Investors So Excited About The TG Casino Presale – The $TGC Hype Explained

The skyrocketing performance of the TG Casino presale has been fuelled by excitement at the promising opportunity pinned to the $TGC token. Now fully integrated into the TG Casino platform, a huge demand-side incentive has fostered renewed interest in the $TGC token courtesy of a unique cashback opportunity. While players are able to place bets across the TG Casino app using most leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and stablecoins such as Tether (USDT), players betting using the $TGC token are eligible for a 25% net cash-back on losses. This added measure not only incentivizes buy pressure in the $TGC tokenomics, but also offers you the opportunity to balance high-risk wagers with a layer of protection on bottom lines.

Crypto gambling enthusiasts are now flocking to the TG Casino platform to make the most of their gambling balance.


The benefits of $TGC don’t end at 25% cash-back and the security afforded by a fully KYC’d team, as early $TGC buyers are able to double-down on their investments due to an attractive staking mechanism.

Boasting market beating variable yields, currently stood at 266% APY, staking $TGC stack offers the opportunity to participate in the revenue generation on the TG Casino platform. This revenue share program works in tandem with a TG Casino buy-back initiative, with recycled supply being allocated to a burn mechanism (40% of bought-back tokens) and the rest distributed to growing ranks of stakers. The allure of this high-earning staking mechanism hasn’t been missed on the market, with 78.72% of circulating $TGC supply currently locked-up in staking vaults. Profits are already rolling in as early-stakers receive their distributed share of 3,565,330 $TGC in staking rewards so far (valued at $552k).

$TGC Poised for Major Price Accrual as Crypto Markets Target 100x

Part of the reason for the huge interest in TG Casino stems from the breakout performance of gambling tokens across the GambleFi vertical in 2023. Initially driven by explosive interest in leading GambleFi token Rollbit (RLB), which saw RLB price hammer up 69% month-on-month (MoM), broader interest has now swept through the market fuelling equally alluring gains for rival tokens. One example of this Rollbit alternative success is FUNToken (FUN), a Web3 scaling token aiming to offer the best layer-2 solution for gambling projects on Web3 through a unique tech stack. Building on Rollbit’s success, FUN has already begun to catch up with RLB price action throughout the past month, with a price increase of 27% MoM.

This is testament to the strong growth across the GambleFi sector, which currently has 5 tokens in the top 1000 cryptocurrencies, almost all of which have seen an impressive price rally over the past weeks and months. And it is clear that crypto markets expect TG Casino‘s $TGC token to match these market gains when it lists on Tier-1 CEXs later this year, following successful contract audits by Coinsult. Overall, with the appeal of a 25% cash-back demand-side incentive, matched by high APY staking that incentivises long-term holding, and the potential for price action to become supercharged by broader interest in crypto casinos – it comes as no surprise that top crypto influencers have predicted up to 100x returns for $TGC.

Is This the Next 100x Pre-sale Gem?

Crypto V.O, a leading YouTube crypto influencer, described $TGC as ‘the next 100x presale gem’ heading into 2024, highlighting the endless possibilities given TG Casino‘s current market position as the world’s top fully licensed Telegram casino.

Telegram Channel Engulfed With Rumors of Upcoming $TGC Airdrop for Active TG Casino Players

With the $TGC presale rocketing towards $2m raised, the high-octane TG Casino telegram channel (the best place to track project updates) has become engulfed in rumors surrounding a potential upcoming token airdrop. It’s suggested that the rumored $TGC airdrop could offer substantial additional gains to the most active players wagering with $TGC on the TG Casino platform. Following the moon-shot success of the recent Celestia ($TIA) airdrop, which has so far exploded 157% since release, community sentiment is backing the rumored airdrop as a catalyst for a potential price surge.

Stay tuned in with the TG Casino Telegram and X (formerly Twitter) to keep up-to-date on the latest project developments and airdrop rumors.

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Media contact – pr@tg.casino 

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2275154/TG_Casino.jpg


Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nearly-2m-raised-for-tg-casino-in-telegram-crypto-casino-presale-301986685.html
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